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How can I add a link to the body of my text?

You can now easily add a link using the text editor. Simple type out what you’d like your link to say (otherwise known as anchor text), highlight that text with your mouse, then find and click the hyperlink button at the top of the body text box (HINT: it looks like a little chain link with a green plus symbol). This pops up a box with a couple options.  

The “URL” is where you’ll type the website you’d like to link to. Make sure you leave the “http://” part in there.

You can add a title if you’d like.  This will be displayed when someone hovers over the link with their mouse.

You can also choose to have the link open in the current browser window, or a new window.  

Once you enter those 3 options, click submit, and your link is created.  You can edit it by highlighting and clicking the hyperlink button again, or remove the link by choosing the remove link option next to the hyperlink button (HINT: it’s a broken chain link).